Here's some miscellaneous stuff that I couldn't figure out where else to put. This is where I'll put some samples of songs in the works, old MIDI songs, related videos and who knows what else. Thanks for visiting and check back soon!


Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again (Eric Prydz Remix)[DJ Kerry Rogers Video Edit] - Download here - Video: Never Let Me Down Again at Vimeo

Progressive House - 5:38

I loved the remix Eric Prydz made of Depeche Mode's classic song. But I could never find an official video for it to play when I'm VJing. So I decided to make an unnoficial one! I used parts of the original and some clips from one of their concert videos. You can check out the video on Vimeo (right here!). And if you're really interested, instructions on how to download the video are in the comments on the Vimeo page!

Cid Inc & JamesM - Vigil / Drums In Miami (DJ Kerry Rogers Mix) - Download here or at
Soundcloud - Reverbnation - Video: Vigil/Drums In Miami at Vimeo

Progressive House - 7:52

As part of my Freewaves Volume Three mix set, the fantastic producer Cid Inc. offered up his track, "Vigil", for free downloading on his Soundcloud page. I'd previously bought a cool effect-heavy acapella by JamesM called "Drums In Miami". I combined the two to make a unique club-friendly track that fit great with the set, and now I've made a video for it! Please watch and listen to it on Vimeo (click here!) and let me know what you think! Thank you for listening, and especially thank you for sharing!

Nick Muir & Kassey Voorn ft. Lola - Frozen Airtight (DJ Kerry Rogers Bootleg Edit) - Download here or at
Soundcloud - Mixcloud - Reverbnation - Video: Frozen Airtight at Vimeo

Progressive House - 7:35

I've been sitting on a great acapella from Lola of "Frozen", her remake of the Madonna hit. Then I finally found the Kassey Voorn remix of Nick Muir's "Airtight" and thought the two would go together really well. If you like it please share it! And if you use it in your DJ sets or podcast episodes, please let me know so I can spread the word also. You can also check out the video I made for it on Vimeo (click here!). Thank you for listening, and especially thank you for sharing!

Older and/or unfinished music

DJ Kerry Rogers aka MIDI Queen

Wide Open Spaces - Download here

Trance - 2:47

This unfinished trance-ish song I started in 2010 was created using Fruity Loops and Acid Pro 7. I hope to finish this one someday because I love how it sounds so far! If I can find the files I used... ;-) I used this as an intro to one of my special edition podcast episodes, "LifeWalk 2010", where I mixed it right into the start of the episode. Please take a listen and send me feedback!

DJ Kerry Rogers aka MIDI Queen

Tsuris - Learning Curve - Download here

Indie Dance - 5:28

My identical twin brother Kelly and I have always wanted to create original dance music and perform it live. We've even picked out a name, "Tsuris"! We've never quite been able to make the time to work on stuff together though hopefully soon we'll be changing that. Here's a piece I started on, then Kelly added some guitar stabs and a long center chord bridge. Let us know what you think!

DJ Kerry Rogers aka MIDI Queen

Get Happy - Download here

Indie Dance - 5:43

This is one of my favorite older MIDI songs I made years ago when I first started making computer music. As the title suggests, it's an upbeat tune with piano, pads, and poppy drums. It's MIDI, so depending on your sound card, it'll either sound pretty nice or pretty crappy. We'll see!

DJ Kerry Rogers aka MIDI Queen

Something Wonderful (Part 1) - Download here

Trance - 3:42

This is a song I started (but never finished) using loops from members of Tapegerm. I don't know if I'll ever finish it, but it had some nice elements to it, so why not post it here? If you like it, let me know and maybe someday I'll get started on Part 2!

DJ Kerry Rogers aka MIDI Queen

Nightfall - Download here

Progressive House - 2:58

A dark, mysterious Moby-inspired song I started a long time ago but never finished. Has a great running bassline (I love running basslines!). Hopefully someday I'll finish this one with better sound quality, but for now check out this MIDI version. For some reason when I play it now, most of the chords in the last part of the song melody drop out. Guess it was too much info for the MIDI file!

Miscellaneous links

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10x10 Online Store

10x10 Online Store

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