Welcome and thanks for visiting! DJ Kerry Rogers (aka MIDI Queen) is Kerry Shatzer, a 40-something-year-old gay progressive house DJ and hopeful music producer living in Dallas, Texas. I've got a bunch of freely-downloadable DJ mix sets for your listening pleasure here on my Mix Sets page, and some of those can also be found on other sites (links below). Most are more of a progressive house style, dipping into techno, tech house, deep house and trance occasionally. Some are stand-alone while others are part of my on-again-off-again podcast series. Then my Diesel mix set series are geared more for the gay club crowd, with more vocal tracks but still with a progressive vibe. Then I have some of my own works on the Music page, with some bootleg remixes and my older original music available. My older original songs were created by Cakewalk 8, Sound Forge, Acid Music, Fruity Loops and fiddling around with my Roland JX-305 Groovesynth keyboard. For the latest updates and more please "like" my Facebook page too! Thanks for listening!

Kerry and Sadie in Forest Park in St. Louis

Some of my older original tunes were featured on the CDs Fabulous Gay Tunes Volume 3: Lick, and St. Louis-based Silencer Recors' Virus Domestica back in 2004, and my remix of a 3kStatic song was featured on two of their releases also. In the past I've written gay humor columns for Slam Magazine and the Rainbow Arch in Saint Louis, plus I've done website reviews and columns for Cybersocket magazine in California, a gay Internet magazine that publishes bimonthly and online (it's mostly all porn now). In my spare time I also created gay-themed puzzles for two gay newspapers: The Midwest Times in Kansas City and The Vital Voice in Saint Louis. If you like puzzles and/or gay columns, my old "Kerry's Miscellaneous Gay Pages" site was rescued and archived after Yahoo GeoCities was closed down, saving from oblivion my old pages including the Web Word Search (word searches and mazes), Namedropping (a classic puzzle with a new twist), and my columns For Queer Mice (a gay Internet column) and Just Humor Me (gay humor and musings). They can be found at OoCities, ReoCities, and GeoCities.ws.

In my wild college days, I was the lead singer of the comedy band Dr. Love & the Erogenous Zones. One of their songs, "Stamp Collecting", even got played on the Dr. Demento Radio Show twice! Unfortunately the band had to break up due to graduation. I went to Texas A&M University for 5 1/2 years and before that went to Plano Senior High School. I'm a Pisces and enjoy music, reading, computers, puzzles, XBOX 360 games and procrastinating, not necessarily in that order. Thanks for visiting and listening to my music!

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